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When you visit a nail salon, you can get a variety of nail services such as acrylic nail application, manicures, pedicures and much more. At our nail salon, we are committed to providing nail services in a clean environment with a focus on your comfort and relaxation. Our nail technicians are skilled in gel nails and other nail salon trends. We want you to leave our nail salon happy with your results. That’s why our customers return to our nail spa again and again.

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A manicure is something that both men and women can include in their personal care routine. Manicures involve grooming the nails to a very neat and impeccable appearance. A manicure will include soaking your nails in water to remove dirt from under the nails and soften the cuticles. The cuticles will then be either trimmed or pushed back. Your nail technician will buff, trim and shape the nails. You can choose to have nail polish applied or skip it if you desire. A manicure is a relaxing experience that also helps you maintain neat and healthy nails.

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A Lovely Nails pedicure is definitely a treat for the senses! Whether you are a man or a woman, a pedicure is an essential part of self-care and keeping your feet looking great. Your pedicure will start with a soothing soak in warm water to soften the skin of the feet. Your nail technician will scrub the feet to remove dead skin and trim or push back cuticles on the toenails. After trimming the nails and shaping them, you can have nail polish applied during your pedicure or skip it if you prefer.

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